Jess Tinsley: Curiosities 05.18.18

Friday, May 18, 2018


About the Artist:

Born & raised in Memphis, TN, Jess is an emerging artist, primarily working in acrylic and ink. Her work is heavily influenced by water and movement- and her signature mark-making is based in long, sweeping lines that follow the flow of the layers in her work.

Home educated as a child, Jess had opportunity to experiment, research, and practice her artistic skills. She continues to be a self-learner to this day. Her artistic practice is ever-evolving, improving, and deepening through daily practice. Even as the mother of five children, Jess prioritizes her artistic practice, understanding that improvement and growth take time and consistency.

Jess is new to the professional field of art- having ventured beyond the realm of the amateur artist at the beginning of 2017. Her work can currently be seen at Bingham & Broad, Edge Alley, The Rev, and Sheffield’s Antiques. In order to meet new people and share her work, Jess can be seen at art shows & festivals in the local area and around the country.

Jenean Morrison